Sunday, November 20, 2011

Welcome to The Joy of Disney!

Disney Collage

Hello Everyone! Welcome to The Joy of Disney, a blog where Disney inspires Fashion. My name is Marie McGrath, a girl who thinks Disney is not something just for kids. I have loved Disney movies since I was a little girl. I remember watching Mary Poppins (my fav. as a kid) and many other Disney classics over and over again when I was a child. I used to even know almost the entire scripts of each Disney movie! (Talk about an obsession huh?!)

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to have a blog dedicated to Fashion inspired by Disney. Here you will find many outfits inspired by Disney characters (sometimes I'll even wear Disney inspired outfits myself!), as well as the occasional Disney inspired craft. Also, Sundays will be my Non-Disney day where I post outfits of Non-Disney cartoons and movies!

If you have any suggestions, comments, or any Disney outfit requests, please feel free to contact me at thejoyofdisney (at) hotmail (dot) com or write me a comment on any of my posts.

Hope you all enjoy this blog, and thanks for visiting!

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